Friday, February 26, 2016

Fuller House...Back to the 90's

Ok, so the super anticipated series of Full (Fuller) House finally came to Netflix at midnight last night! I have so been looking forward to this shows appearance! Why? Because I grew up with this show (Full House) I am the same as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I have seen every single episode, probably multiple times. This show made me laugh. This show helped me learn valuable lessons, and when I became a parent, it even made me cry.

So today was the day to actually sit down and watch. I got through 3 episodes and had to take a little break. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't bad. I guess I was just expecting something more updated. I do however applaud Netflix for not putting foul language in the updated Full House show, but I have heard a few jokes that were innuendos to something a little dirty. It definitely is still a show that I can watch with my kids and I like that. Conner, my 5 year old, even asked if we could watch it tomorrow.

Back in the 80s and 90s, when you heard a "studio audience" laugh, it was expected and you really didn't think much of it I guess. Now? It seemed like a little too much. Maybe I am just so used to all the shows in current television, not having the laugh box continue with the same laughs and oops and aah's...Does that make sense? The first episode started off introducing all of the characters and with each one that popped out, I felt like I was having a flash back to when the show was on prime time tv. Danny Tanner was intro'd first (loud applause). Then Uncle Jesse (roaring applause). Joey next in his goofy pjs (what else would you have expected?) Becky comes in all beautiful and hasn't aged a day! Go you Aunt Becky! and then there is still heat between Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. Of course they had to kiss and prove that fact!

It was a little disappointing that the twins wanted to no part of the show as Michelle, and I was half expecting maybe their little sister (who looks a lot like them) would step up to the plate and play Michelle, even if it was in only a few episodes. A girl can dream right?

And then, the moment of truth! The main characters of the Netflix series, b/c you know that Danny, Jesse, Becky and Joey are all going to have just special guest appearances right? They had their turn, so now it's the girl's turn! I have to say, these girls great up beautiful! DJ, Steph and Kimmie (I call them by those names b/c that is who they are to me) DJ being the mother, of course, b/c she was the oldest and probably more motherly anyway, even as an older sister growing up. Stephanie being the kinda wild child, live free and do what I want girl and Kimmie, which I find really funny that they kept her being the irritating, annoying "neighbor girl" b/c don't we all grow out of our quirkiness as we get older, in reality? But this isn't reality, is it?

It's a flashback to what good tv used to be. Violence wasn't prevalent  on tv. Bad language definitely had no place in our homes when it came to daytime tv. Sex wasn't even really talked about. Kids weren't shown to disrespect their parents. I didn't have to mute or change the channel when my son came in to talk to me. It was good and it was wholesome, and I only got through the first 3 episodes.

Was this show overly-anticipated? Maybe. But for people my age and older, it's a trip! A blast from the past. It's goofy, corny and sweet all rolled into 1 show. I was really excited when this show was first talked about, coming to Netflix and I know that a lot of you were too! I hope that you enjoy it and remember what it was like coming home after school, ready to watch our "after-school programs"

So stay in your comfy clothes, get some popcorn (or something a little more healthy since this is the year 2016 and we eat  more than just popcorn for fun tv binge watching now) and enjoy the next couple days of Fuller House...because you know that's all it's going to take to actually the show's first season...and this is just the 1st season right?? :D There will be more to come?