Monday, February 29, 2016

Rag Quilts

I have a very large passion for sewing. It's my me time, and it's become my relaxing time. I have been fortunate enough to be able to sew for other people and get some great feedback on my projects. I recently made a diaper bag for my cousin. She is due to have her baby boy in a just a few weeks.
I came across a tutorial for a kids messenger bag at Crazy Little Projects and loved it so much, that I added some inside pockets that are geared toward diaper bag loving moms and a outside side pocket for a bottle/cup. This one has, by far, been my most favorite one to make. It's so versatile! It functions like a diaper bag, but looks good enough to carry around after baby has grown. I also made a My Little Pony bag for a friend of mine. You can check hers out on her blog and see what she packed in hers before baby girl was born! AmandaKeener

This past fall, I was asked to make a boutique type rag quilt for a baby girl. We didn't live in the same area, so I just took pictures of fabrics and sent them her way so she could pick and this is what we came up with! Isn't it darling?! I had done a couple of rag quilts this past summer, and they are so east to do and turn out so cute. It's hard to stop quilting once you start.

I had gone to Joann's one day and saw this Koko Lee fabric and HAD to have it! I didn't know what I was going to make, but it had to part of my fabric stash. It was very hard cutting into at first b/c I had to make sure that it was exactly what I wanted to make out of it, and it turned out so pretty! I love these colors!

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