Sunday, March 6, 2016

Boys and Their Guitars

My husband and I are really starting to enjoy the age of our children. Don't get me wrong. We have always loved our kids from the very start, but they are coming into an age where they are fun to hang out with. They enjoy going places with us, having conversations, telling us EXACTLY what they want and so on. Last year, my husband took our son to a music shop. He was in heaven. He loved looking at all the cool guitars, drums and gear. Then he saw it! The Eddie Van Halen yellow and black striped guitar. He calls it the bumblee guitar. The name is inspired from Transformers. His favorite transformer is Bumble Bee. He got so excited about it and had to have it, no matter how it happened, it, the EVH guitar had to be his.

Now, you have to realize that this kid is only 4. All he knows how to do is keep rhythm by strumming his guitar. His ultimate goal is to learn the Iron Man song by Black Sabbath. He listens to that song almost everyday and watches the Iron Man video that goes along with it. Since the boy had to have the guitar, but we didn't want to pay an extreme amount for it, we had to figure out how to make that happen. We ended up buying a fender mini squire and that became my husband's project for the ultimate Christmas gift! This is the before picture.
Now yes, this is a generic photo, but this is what it looked like when we bought it.


He took it all apart, sanded and sprayed primer on the body. 
The pick guard was huge so he filled in the body and cut the pick guard down to a smaller size.



The next step was painting!

Working with the pick guard




He had some fun with the headstock

And we put it all together for one sweet, custom painted  EVH (replica) guitar!


Christmas was a lot of fun this year b/c the kids are getting to the age of having more fun toys. This project was fun to do (at least watch my husband to do) He also put the build up on his YouTube channel, GMR Check it out!

There is a lot that goes into making one thing into something else, and I hope that you can see that through all the pictures! My husband likes to work with his hands and so talented at what he does. He is the only person I know that can look at one thing, see and make it into something else. He made our boy a very happy kid this past year with this gift.

After our home Christmas, we traveled to Tennessee, where my hubby took our son to get his first amp. It was a very special time for them, and I wouldn't have traded it for it anything. I got this picture, and it made my heart melt!

Thanks to 2nd Gear Music Shop in Nashville. You made one little boy very happy!

Thanks for the read all! Stay tuned for more music and guitar posts!