Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Guitar Build Part 1 The Guitar Body

Last year, my husband decided that he was going to build his own amp, so he spent days, weeks, maybe even a couple of months on youtube listening to different amps for sounds, textures and tones. What he came up with was just amazing. It not only looks awesome, but sounds so good. I, myself, am not a sound junky like he is. He is constantly asking me if I can tell the difference between these 2 sounds and so on...I really can never tell, but I try, like any good wife, oh do I try. I just don't have his ears.

Here is his first project completed. When he gets a video of the sound, I will make sure to post that video!

This year is a new year which means, new projects. My husband is not himself without some sort of project to work on. He has to use his hands and his brain. That is what makes him the happiest. He took on a project so completely outrageous (to most people) and is actually almost done with it now. He has been working on it for almost 2 months now. What's his project you ask? A guitar. Not just any guitar. His guitar. His design. His touch. His everything! The goal is to have it done in time for his bands trip to TX next week. I think it's gonna happen! Anyway...disclaimer: This is not a tutorial! All the ideas, layouts and so on are all his. This is completely from a wife's perspective. I don't know measurements, tones or anything specific to guitar building. Enjoy the post and all the pictures!

J had found a lumber company that he wanted to check out to start this project off right. I think he accomplished that and more! He went! He saw! He conquered! He told me that one of the employees called him the wood whisperer. He took his time to find the right wood. He talked to the wood, and touched the wood. He was 1 with the wood. 

By the way, wives...if your husband ever says that he spent $100 at a lumber store, just know that that amount is actually between $100 and $200. It seems like if it has a 1 in front of it, it's just a $100. Just throwing that out there. 

He was so excited to come home and show me his treasures!
He used two different types of wood for the body. Spalted Maple and African Sepeely (spelling?) Both woods beautiful and smooth and sturdy. 

Then came time to pick out a template for the body. He had drawn up several different templates, and it took us a couple weeks to pick our favorite. He was constantly texting pictures to different musician friends, asking opinions on favorites. You can't take these kinds of decisions lightly. Building a guitar from scratch is a big deal!

When you go to a music store, you really don't think about the build. You just pick out a guitar for the sound. You don't really consider the structure of it, how much time and effort it took to actually build it. What kind of wood was used. I found out that there are 4 different fret measurements just for a Gibson guitar! 

He used two different types of wood for the body. Spalted Maple and African Sepeely (spelling?) Both woods beautiful and smooth and sturdy. 

He put the 2 pieces of wood together to come up with a beautiful guitar body.

Was I right? or was I right!?

This concludes part 1 of the Guitar Build. Stay tuned for Part 2, Carving out the body and the neck! Thanks for checking out my blog :) Hope you enjoy and come back for more!